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There are more shovel ready jobs than there are people willing to push a shovel. There are jobs waiting for welders, electricians, plumbers, steam fitters, and more. Good paying jobs. GREAT paying jobs! Jobs that won’t leave you with crippling student loan debt. Jobs that will pay you to learn.

But only if you are willing to go for it.

What’s wrong with jobs that require a degree? Nothing! But only if that degree leads to a job in a field that is hiring. Even if you’re BA/BS doesn’t match your future occupation there is a benefit to earning that degree. But the concept that college is a requirement for a fulfilling life or a successful career is a myth that should be challenged at all levels.

Naked man stuck in chimney was playing “hide and seek”

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People getting stuck in chimneys doesn’t hit the news every day, but it seems to come up more often than it should. As a society, we need to have a serious conversation about this epidemic. Starting with questions such as “What did you expect to happen when you lowered yourself in there?” or “Have you ever heard of someone successfully making it to the fireplace other than Santa Claus?” or “Do you usually play hide and seek in the nude?” or “Assuming the worst, what were you hoping to steal from a local redemption center and what was your plan for a naked escape?”


Doug McHone’s Testimony (2016)

I’ve been asked to share my testimony, and at first I approached this like I would my resume. I would just pull out a former example and tweak it into an updated version, highlighting the sort of things that would be most relevant in the current matter of hand. I wrote a version several years ago, even shared it on my website. It was the gold standard and would require the least amount of updating.

Of course, that version is nowhere to be found. Maybe it’s in the innards of my website and I just need to contact the hosting company to see if it’s tucked away somewhere in there. As I was pondering this, I became convicted of a few things.

  •  I’m approaching a spiritual exercise in a carnal manner.
  •  The details of my testimony have always been the same. It’s been my understanding of the events that has changed.
  • Every testimony I’ve ever written has been way too much about me.

The request is still out there, and it’s one that I will honor. But how do you approach your testimony in a God-centered manner? It’s usually a story about how you behaved prior to your conversion to Christianity, how you came to Christianity, and how your behavior has improved from your conversion until now. Based on my understanding of Ephesians 2:8-9, I have decided to craft something a little different. I’ll still be writing from my own perspective, but my aim is to be more mindful of the story from God’s point of view. I hope that comes through.

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Good news indeed!

“Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are covered; blessed is the man against whom the Lord will not count his sin.” (Romans 4:7-8 ESV)