Finding a Mentor Nextdoor

Discipleship, DIY, Life
No, that post title isn't misspelled. Or rather it is purposefully misspelled. I have this app called Nextdoor on my phone. You put your address in it and it shows a map of what it says your neighborhood is. Mine is a bit bigger than what I would think of, but that's fine. Once your neighborhood is designated, you can post post anything there that matters to someone in your proximity. Garage sales, babysitter requests, items for sale, open houses, etc. And these posts will be seen by anyone who has the Nextdoor app and is in that area, and also in surrounding neighborhoods depending on your settings. Someone in my area was selling a handmade dog bed frame a few weeks ago, and from the posting it was clear that they had…
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How to cut a straight line with a circular saw

I wish I had known this trick a month ago. I'd have been making French Cleats like a madman all this time! While I'm on the topic, can anyone help me figure out how to rip a thinner board? I'm thinking of using 1x6 boards instead of 3/4 inch plywood for my garage setup and am unsure how to use my SkilSaw to rip a board with that little room for board support. Unless I build an extension to the front of my workbench. Hmm...
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