January 23, 2016

Bible Reading Plan 2016-2017

Gen 37.2-36, Ps 23

Today’s Reading

For the remainder of the book of Genesis, I am altering the passages to be read each day from the original plan. The story of Joseph is contrasted with similar situations that Judah experiences, and I wanted to highlight this. The change is minor. I invite you to look for differences in how each man responds as the story unfolds.

This understanding comes from one of the best books in my library, linked here for you. Yes, you.

2-Year Bible Reading Plan

Bible Reading Plan 2016-2017

This is a new year and so many Christians have a goal to read through the Bible in that time frame. I’ve done it and believe it’s a noble effort. Heck, I first came to faith while doing it! But reading the Bible in one year is a time commitment that many people may find to be difficult. Also, it doesn’t allow for much flexibility if you want to pause in a section and marinate in the word.

I had pondered a do it yourself reading non-schedule where I would read a chapter a day, figuring that would take about 3 years to get through it all. While a one year plan is a real commitment, a three year plan seemed like a noncommittal action on my part. Splitting the difference, I decided to use a two year reading plan from Stephen Witmer. Stephen, if you see this, your PDF is off by two rows!

In case you’d like to follow, I’ll give each day’s reading in a post. I may or may not include my thoughts as we go along. If you read with me, the time commitment will be 5-10 minutes a day. You can check this blog for each day’s reading, you can also subscribe via RSS or email to my blog. The email signup is on the blog sidebar toward the bottom, mom, so you’ll be able to find it easily.