1. Both parties have their lemmings. Those are the people who will vote for your candidate based solely on the R of the D after their name. Nothing, literally nothing, will persuade them otherwise. They are dyed in the wool red or blue. You probably know someone like this. Heck, you very well might be someone like this.
  2. Each voting district has it’s own makeup of lemmings. Most have a greater concentration of one color or another. The colors I refer to are red and blue, so back off SJW’s! This preexisting advantage toward one outcome or another determines red states and blue states, red voting districts and blue voting districts.
  3. Historically, the strategy to win an election is to energize your base so they will appear at the polls, then convince enough unaffiliated people to vote for your candidate to sway the election. At the same time, it is very common to try to deflate your opponent’s base with so-called “dirty politics” which are only dirty in the event that your claims against them are not true.

Still with me? Because I think this will pay off.

Democrats are right to be excited about a victory last night. The ratio of committed red and blue voters is HEAVILLY swayed to the red side in Alabama. The last time this senate seat was “contested” Jeff Sessions won with over 90% of the vote. It helps when the other party doesn’t even show up. I say that because he had no opponent. Nobody in the Democratic party was willing to spend the money to even oppose the Republican in that state.

This means that the red lemmings in Alabama are many, a great percentage. So for Judge Roy Moore to lose in this election, many of the members of this voting block either voted AGAINST their dyed in the wool party, or more likely, they stayed home out of disgust over the accusations against a man they had voted into their state Supreme Court more than once.

So if enough people in a deep red state did not support the red candidate out of their own disgust, moral conviction, etc for a blue candidate to represent them rather than their familiar red, then anyone who says that all red voters are devoid of morality or care for others needs to look to Alabama and stop painting with such a wide brush. There are some people on either side of our divided nation who do not blindly march with their party regardless of the conscience that was placed there by their creator.

And this creator is one who saves sinners, not good people. Did you ever think about that? Christ came to save sinners. If you aren’t a sinner, you have no place with him. That person on the wrong side of the aisle, with the wrong bumper stickers, they may very well be just the sort of person who needs Jesus. There is a divide in our country that ought not be there. Both parties will tell you that the solution is peace through political victory. I tell you that both peace and victory will only come from the Prince of Peace who won the final Victory through his own self-sacrifice.

He has a message for your opponent. He has a message for you. Are you listening?