I went for a walk today. On my way back, I passed a home that had a small fenced in area for their dog. It had to be just for the dog, because it was too small for any other use. So it was a small dog pooping area.

As I walked by, the dog inside the fence let me know that that was his area and that the sidewalk I was on was taking me way to close to his pooping area and if I were to try to enter his territory, there would be serious repercussions.

I crouched down at the fence and put my hand toward him so he could smell me. He sniffed and howled at me again. So I told him he was doing a fine job defending his poop (dog’s can understand people, they just can’t talk) and walked along my merry way back home.

Then I thought, how am I savagely defending small, confined, restrictive, poop-filled areas in my life? So I ask you that question also. What areas in your life do you defend when you really ought to chuckle and just jump the fence into the freedom of the sidewalk?