Getting the 4th off, but not the 5th???

I know that I haven’t exactly been faithful to my resolution for 2017, that being my desire to complain more. Well that changes right now, at least for one post. You see, I had to go to work today. On July the 5th. But I got all day off yesterday so I could… run errands. I’m not complaining about running errands mind you. I’m complaining about getting an illogical day off.

Sure, Independence Day is a great day to remember my country’s OG Brexit event. And to do so I could go to a local carnival. But let’s get real. The municipal fireworks are the real main event of the national holiday and they don’t happen during my 9-5 job. They start at least four hours after I would normally get off work. I don’t need July 4th off. That doesn’t really accommodate the holiday because when those fireworks have finished, everyone disperses.

Once you’ve gotten back to your car, gotten the car out of the parking lot, managed to get on a main road and returned home it’s pretty late. But you’re OK. You had the whole day off! Nevermind the fact that you will need to get up at your regular time tomorrow and go back to work.

That’s a travesty. We should celebrate Independence day with July 4th fireworks and July 5th office closings. Let an evening carnival and nighttime fireworks serve as the peak of the holiday, not as the conclusion! This is something I would do, were I king of the world.

Of course, getting out from under the thumb of a monarchy is the whole reason we celebrate Independence Day. I guess I’ll settle for being free to complain.

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