Trying out wine for the first time

Dayna has expressed an interest in trying out wine. Since I have VERY limited knowledge of wine, we discussed it and decided to try some red wines. I love shopping at Trader Joe’s, their Kenya coffee is the bomb, and they also have a decent (I think) wine assortment. Most notably, they have Three Buck Chuck. So if we don’t like a wine, we’re not out too much money.

I did some investigative research, which means I Googled it, and the top wines in that category I purchased were Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. $6 for two bottles. We’d have a few evenings of wine tasting, probably with chocolate or cheese or something like that. We would feel sophisticated and romantic. We’d find out what the big deal is!

Except for one thing. We were trying out Three Buck Chuck. And either we just aren’t the target market for wines or we were getting what we paid for. I poured two glasses tonight and handed one to Dayna. Her face was something to behold! I took a sip and asked her how she would describe the flavor. Tart? Bitter? Be honest with me.

“I think it tastes like liquid garbage!”

All this to say that we may need some suggestions from others. Preferably for a wine that won’t end up down the kitchen drain.

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