My Happy Birthday (Literally)

On the subject of my birthday, which just so happens to be today, let me tell you a little something about my birth.

In 1973, my mom’s water broke during the 1st trimester. The doctors were planning a D&C after that weekend, but stopped when they detected a heartbeat using technology that was new at the time. Instead of my life ending that day, a surgery was performed to assist my mom in carrying me as long as possible. She was warned that I still may not make it. She was told that if I did make it I would likely be deformed or experience mental challenges. She was placed on bed rest the remainder of her pregnancy. She prayed for me.

I was born premature because my mother walked up a half flight of stairs to use the restroom, rather than pull my dad from a volleyball game on his birthday. Once I was birthed, I was rushed out of the room to an incubator. About a week later, my parents brought me home. Technically, I’m normal. You can use your own judgment on that though. I don’t mind.

Heartbeat = life. Yes, it’s personal. Abortion = murder. Yes, it’s personal. 

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One comment on “My Happy Birthday (Literally)”

  1. So glad God gave you to us! I used to cry and wish I could take all the babies that were being killed! You were born the year that Roe Vs Wade was passed.

    God has had His hand on you from day one! He kept you safe when the doctors were telling us otherwise! You may have been very little when you were born but you have grown to be a mighty man of God!

    Love, Mom

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