Covid-19 Statement

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You’ll have to forgive me for my stance that I still hold. You see, the ever present danger I grew up with was “Mutually Assured Destruction” and we, as a society, refused to cower in fear over the Communist threat.

This generation is more interested in sprinting toward Communism and fear porn over an incorrect computer model and real world statistics that cannot be padded enough to justify our actions.

Go ahead. Tell me I’m unloving. Call me a science denier. Because you will be arguing against top scientists from Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon and other institutions of higher learning. And when I say that our reaction to this will cause more suffering and death than the virus, I am getting my projections from the United Nations.

Loving your neighbor is not the same as telling your neighbor only what they want to hear. Your neighbor is not limited only to the aged and immune compromised. This virus is hardly unprecedented, but our reaction to it is.

Mutually Assured Destruction was my generation’s fear. We were told that the nuclear stockpiles of the USA and USSR were enough to kill all life on the planet 6 times over. We went about our business. A virus that kills far less than 1%, still a tragedy and do not assume I don’t take every death as a tragedy, stops us all in our tracks.

Our economy won the cold war. Our productivity was a huge factor in both world wars. It was largely the economy that decided the Civil War. But rather than allow and expect the young and healthy to continue to live their lives while seeing to the needs of the at risk population, we abandon our greatest strengths and even undermine them.

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