The T’s vs the L’s B’s and G’s

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Note to the T’s: If you change your name to appropriate the gender you are assuming, then you are agreeing with cultural norms that your new name belongs to that gender. If names weren’t gendered, if there weren’t a traditional order to them, you wouldn’t see any need to change it.

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Let me explain. The LGB’s all have one thing in common. They assume a duality of gender. They may now deny it, but in so doing, they deny their very identifying characteristic, that being who they are in relation to who they are sexually attracted to. And sexual attraction requires some sort of definition if it will also serve as identification.

To be an L, you must first accept that you are a woman. Following that, you must be sexually attracted to other women. To be a G, you must first accept that you are a man. Following that, you must be sexually attracted to other men. Rocket science, right? To be a B, you must first accept that you are either a woman or a man who is attracted to both women and men. If that weren’t true, you wouldn’t identify as Bi, which is a prefix meaning “two.” Like a bicycle. Or a biannual event. Or binary code.

In contrast, the T’s reject the binaryness of sex and gender. They say that gender is on a scale that goes from here to infinity and beyond, to steal a phrase. Facebook allows you to select from over 50 genders, last I looked, and if that isn’t enough it allows you to self define your own gender. I’m a “dude” on Facebook, for example. You can look me up if you want to be sure, but don’t expect any interaction from me on there. Gab is where to go when you’re tired of being “fact checked” by people who can’t decide if they’re LGB or if they’re just on some bizarre scale of confusion.

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A foundational aspect of their worldview is in dispute, not a tertiary aspect. Foundational. If the LGB’s were to reject the T’s based on this, as well as any further additions to the non-word acronym, they could reassume a level of respectability, at least in intelligencia circles. But they allow competing worldviews under their banner, a banner that is already falling to the banner of the T’s, showing the confusion they all share. This may be enough to be celebrated by our culture, but celebration is not the ultimate goal they are after. They long to be worshipped for their confusion. And that is a confusion ultimately stemming from their rejection of God and His word.

Earlier, I highlighted the factors that these people, all made in the image of God, use to define themselves. That pride of self-identification is the root of their error. Well, a root. They have redefined God, a violation of the first commandment. They have made themselves into objects of worship, second commandment. They demand that we speak untruths, 9th commandment. I could go on. Here’s the deal though. We are all created in the image of God. Our identity has always been based on that, whether we choose to admit it or not. We are all in covenant with God whether we like it or not. The only difference is whether your mediator is Adam or Jesus.

The Bible speaks clearly about those who reject the clear truths laid out in nature and in scripture. Such actions are condemned. Such feelings are a direct result of the fall and are to be contested against. The Bible also speaks with hope for ones such as these. The best story that comes to mind is that of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:26-38. A eunuch was someone who could be trusted completely with anything his master had, including the master’s wife. This is because the eunuch was castrated prior to puberty. This castration would result in a highly reduced level of testosterone, so the eunuch would eventually be recognized by others based on the results of this development alteration. A slight build, reduced body hair, probably also differences in voice and mannerisms. The eunuch was not necessarily trying to change from male to female, but he was dramatically changed in much the same way some evil people want to change confused children in our culture.

This eunuch was trusted by his master and had a high position in his country, but that was only because of irreversible body modifications. Many in the church today would take one of two approaches. The first would be to ignore such a person, thinking he was lost beyond any hope for the gospel. The second would be to speak out against him, though he was not an opponent or rival. In fact, this man was reading the scriptures and trying to make sense of them. It is noted that God put Philip in place to have a conversation with this man, and to explain what he was reading. And once he believed, Philip did not hesitate to accept and baptize him. A gentile with his sexual organs disfigured was loved in the same way many others were. That is how we ought to approach such people, whether they are T’s or LGB’s.

So pray for opportunities to share the gospel with whoever God has in your paths. Look for these opportunities to present themselves. Do not deny God by agreeing to the errors that contradict the word of God. Be patient, gentle and kind. Remember just how much God has forgiven and continues to forgive you.

1 Corinthians 6:11
And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

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