Decisional regeneration is heresy

My pattern of writing has been to place anything shorter into Gab and anything longer into this blog with a link to it placed in Gab.

Today, I wrote a post in Gab and I will be linking to it in this blog post. The title of this post is the last sentence in the Gab post. Feel free to read it in Gab. While you’re there, you can look at my profile to see my history. You may notice that I don’t have to misspell anything to get around censors the way others do in order to utilize Leftist controlled social media.

If you would like that same freedom to speak whatever is on your mind, open an account and follow me. Then look at the people I follow. Some are a bit… controversial. All of them are in my feed for a reason. You may want to follow some of them as well.

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