Has your employer given you an exemption form to sign and return?

My dad is in his mid 70’s and drives a school bus to supplement his retirement. He came home today with an exemption form from the school district in order to continue to work without a mask or vaccine and this exemption is supposed to be turned in within the next two work days. I understand a similar exemption form has been sent home with teachers and students as well, based on the language of it that my mom read to me.

A few quick thoughts. Please read and share!

1. This is the first, I mean second, step in a NEGOTIATION. And in any negotiation, you should NEVER accept your opponent’s first offer. The tyrants already want full compliance and the people have already said no. Now the tyrants want you to agree to their terms. That’s not how free people live.
2. The school wants the employees and students to believe this is the only form they will accept. In response, see point #1. Do NOT accept the premise of their argument. Better yet, get a form from here or get one from an attorney. Do not agree to anything you are not prepared to do. Do they want you to wear a visor? Do you believe it is acceptable that they can require that of you? Really?
3. If you believe you must use their form, do NOT turn in their form back to them unless you redact EVERYTHING you do not consent to. They want to frame the rest of this discussion. Do not let them.
4. Do NOT turn in the form within the timeframe they insist upon. They don’t own this situation, otherwise they wouldn’t have provided you with a form. They need you more than you need them. If they get impatient with you, tell them your attorney is still reviewing things. Does that make tyrants uncomfortable? Good.
5. What is employment, but a contract? One party agrees to perform a function and the other agrees to pay them. This employer-provided form is an attempt to re-write the employment contract, and not in your favor. The function of this form is NOT to protect you, but to protect the employer as they later use the rewritten contract against you.

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