No Quarter November

No Quarter November

There are numerous ways that we use the months to raise awareness about this or that. June is the month where the wicked express their appreciation for the sexually degenerate. October is the month where we focus on a type of cancer, rather than all cancer, and not even the one responsible for claiming the most lives. July, my birth month, is perhaps my favorite as it is only listed as National Ice Cream Month, something we all need to raise awareness of. April is Confederate History Month. What a sec, how did that get in there? And November is quite a few things. I used to do Movember, where you grow a mustache to cause awareness of… something. But in recent years I have come to get extra excited as November approaches because that is when Douglas Wilson is about to tell us how he really feels about these or those topics.

Now Douglas is not a shrinking violet the rest of the year, so don’t get my description wrong. He has a history of letting the words fly. Not everybody likes what he has to say, and most of these people who hate his words have no idea what these words even are. They just know that someone else pieced together a few clips of contextless words to prove that Wilson is nothing less than a (fill in the blank) and for that he ought to be cast outside the camp, which is a biblical consequence coming from an unbiblical way of trying any case. Most of his writings include a paragraph toward the beginning, defining terms and allowing the reader to determine if they are in scope or not. During No Quarter November, his scope is lowered back into the submarine and everyone is left to wonder.

If you throw a stone into a pack of dogs, the dog that yelps is the one you hit.

Douglas Wilson is not the easiest person to read. He is a master of mixing up the metaphors in such a way that you can eventually graph them back together and the result is coherent. I find myself agreeing with him more often than not, and I say this as my own disclaimer that there are matters where he and I would reach different conclusions. That is not to say that I would be confident standing opposite him on a debate stage. Oh, I believe I am correct in these differences. It’s just that Wilson is a wordsmith who would eat my lunch in that sort of setting. And remember that last paragraph where he usually includes a mulligan for the reader? That’s what this paragraph is. So if nothing else, I have already failed in my own No Quarter November.

That’s right. I am declaring my own month where much of what you see here will be just a bit more pointed than what you’re used to. Which is fine, because my viewership on this blog is a shadow of what it was when I was invited to pastor’s conferences to promote these events on behalf of The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, Grace to You as well as others. I just may have something to say about sitting in on upper room conversations and I may not. We’ll see where November takes me.

If you have to ask, I’m talking about you.

I remain on my Facebook Fast, which has lasted for most of this year so far. The more I learn about Facebook, the easier this gets. Did you know that Facebook is the NUMBER ONE source of human trafficking in the world? If they can shut down a “Let’s Go Brandon” meme, surely they have the capability to introduce these demonic people to the authorities, right? I suppose their skinny jean-wearing, 20-year-old with pink and purple hair… on their armpits, gender-confused employees know what they’re doing, so of course they ought to stand as the moral compass of their platform, and what do I know about law, ethics, empathy and all that jazz anyway? By the way, when’s the last time you heard about a bunch of trafficked children being rescued? Was it back when we had a duly elected government? Just asking.

Because I refuse to give the demons in control of the number one publisher in the world any content to use for their profit, I will be announcing each post on Gab, the only truly free-speech platform in America. I do not say that in jest. Gab is the only platform that will censor you for pornography and violence, but for nothing else. Every other social media site is beholden to the Apple and Google app stores, which means that they all agree to censor things that the “thought police” would disapprove of if it starts making too much noise. Parler, TRUMP TRUTH, MeWe, all of them will shut down your conversation if ordered to do so by Glorious Leader. You can follow along this project with an RSS reader, which I encourage, and/or on Gab, which I encourage even more. Are there people I disagree with both in my RSS reader as well as on Gab? Yes. Yes, there are.

And that’s OK. If you are not OK with reading anything that might challenge your zeitgeist, I advise you to stay away from this blog as well as Gab. Neither of them are right for you in the month of November. Or any other month, let’s be honest here. And before anyone says that Gab allows horrible people to say horrible things to other horrible people in the most horrible ways imaginable, let me remind you that Twitter allows hard-core pornography and also murderous despots with blue checkmarks on their website. All while Facebook is the #1 child trafficking source in the world. But do continue to project your virtue upon others.

We all can use a good laugh from time to time.

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