Social Media Year in Review

Social Media Year in Review

Back when I was on Facebook, I had been getting tired of the whole thing. You know, people defining whether you liked one another based on whether you were connected through FB. People showing only their best side and not being authentic. It all seemed so superficial, and I posted more than once that I do not define whether I am someone’s friend based on any website affiliation. There were people who I know IRL who I didn’t add as a FB friend, mostly because:

  • 1. They have my phone number. I would much rather have a brief conversation or meet up somewhere and hang out. Maybe play some games. You know, build upon a real friendship.
  • 2. Their post history was nothing that would add value to my feed. Stupid quiz results about which 80’s hair band they are or reposts from others. But they NEVER shared any original content.

So I started removing friends to make the feed, or the wall, or whatever it’s called, more stimulating to me. I ended up with the magic number of 400. I could handle 400 friends who post original content on a regular enough basis. That quickly proved to be too many and I went on a weekend purge to get to the new maximum of 300. I like round numbers. Dead people were removed. Lurkers were removed and some asked why I wasn’t their friend any longer. Some were really hurt! I told them that a website doesn’t define my affection and that they could follow me, but if they were just lurking I didn’t need to follow back. Maybe they did, maybe not. If they are the type of person who does define friendship by their social media then I truly feel sorry for them.

Not long after that, COVID hit. And then the biggest red pill about our electoral process was delivered in suppository form. 20/20 is the year things came into focus for a lot of people. Just as Bernie Sanders had proclaimed, the electoral system was rigged against the will of the people and there it was for all to see. Or not see because the windows to the counting rooms were boarded up and suitcases full of ballots were wheeled in at 4 in the morning.

Misleading Information: It was more like 3:30 when the illegal ballots were brought in.

Fact Checkers

Then came January 6, when Federal Agents allowed people into the Capital. They literally opened the doors and ushered them in. This is all after other Federal Agents agitated the crowd. And this is after President Trump gave a speech miles away and then dismissed the crowd with the plea for a peaceful demonstration of their wishes. There were no vehicles available to the people, and the time between Trump’s speech ending to the Capital event was far too little for these people to make it on foot. None of the agitators are in custody, but many of the people who fell for it remain in custody without having been issued any charges. I don’t mean to sound like some sort of conspiracy theorist here, but it almost seems like something’s up. I’ve been to local rallies and parades to celebrate freedom but nobody had facepaint or Viking horns. And we live close to Minnesota so that’s saying something! #GoPackGo

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.

Sixth Amendment

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Eighth Amendment

I had been tiring of seeing other people be put in “Facebook Jail” for merely sharing an opinion. Apparently, Antifa members residing in the basements of their parents are the arbiters of truth at Facebook. And Twitter. And YouTube. People would get their “time out” to think about what they had said and then were allowed back. And they would come back. Like a battered woman going back to her abuser because it will be better now. If she just watches what she says and who she says it to. She really brought it all upon herself, don’t you know? And the way she was dressed! Why, she was asking for it all along!

A sick man in a fairground carousel

So yeah, I wanted off the Tilt-a-Whirl. I tried Parler and they became too popular too quickly so Apple/Google shut them down by removing their apps from the store. In today’s world, you must have a way to interact from a handheld device so that was a kill shot. Yes, Parler is dead. They agreed to the censorship terms of Big Tech in order to be added back to the stores. Gettr made the same bargain with the same devil. Trump’s new service will do the same. Don’t be like the rubes of January 6. Don’t fall for it!

My original social media was this blog. This was before Facebook was even a thing! I tried to rekindle the glory years, but social media posts and memes had taken the place of the longer form discourse that the blogosphere used to represent. There is a place for blogging in today’s world, but it is no longer semi-exclusive. I searched for a social media site where I wouldn’t be censored. A site that couldn’t be nuked from orbit if Amazon Web Services had seen enough. I stumbled across Gab. Here’s my profile. And yes, I have more than 300 contacts now. And that’s OK.

I’m not censored in this blog. I can share whatever I like. I’m not censored on Gab. I can share whatever I like. Because the things that Gab will censor are things I wouldn’t share. Gab censors pornography, illegal activity, and… doxxing. I think that’s it. I suppose if you make a physical threat to someone they would step in, but that is an illegal activity. So there are really only three things that Gab will censor. I speak freely about COVID, Ivermectin, Vaccines that aren’t really vaccines according to old definitions from 2020, Scamdemics, Plandemics, you know, the stuff you want to say on Big Tech, but those basement trolls will get you so you cleverly talk about cookies. I say it out loud. I don’t let Antifa dictate my freedom of speech. And yes, I’m accountable for my words both in this life and in the one to come.

Snazzy FAQ’s

Q. But Doug, Everybody else isn’t on Gab yet!
A. I have more contacts speaking freely on Gab than I had lurkers on Facebook. And most of those FB friends are silent. At least you don’t see their posts. Because if they’re speaking the truth, they are being shadowbanned. Get on Gab and give it a try. Speak freely! I have a pinned post at the top of my profile with everything you need to get started! Want to still post to Facebook or wherever? That’s OK. But sooner or later you will be scolded like a child for daring to have your own opinion and Gab will be waiting for you.

Q. Gab lets people speak in ways that I don’t like!
A. Uh… yeah. So you don’t really hate fact-checkers. You just want to be in charge of who gets censored. It’s called “Mute” and “Block” on Gab. Use it and take control of your own feed! The First Amendment was not needed to protect popular or state-approved speech. That kind of Pravda doesn’t require an amendment. Only speech that counters the narrative needed to be protected. Do I unfollow, mute and block people? Yes I do. Do you close the screen door in the spring to let the nice air in but keep the insects out? Yes you do.

Q. I heard bad things about Gab on my MSM news show. Or was that on The View?
A. You actually watch that garbage? Are you stuck in an airport somewhere?

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