Abortion is personal

Here is why abortion is personal to me.

In 1973, my mom’s water broke during the 1st trimester of my development. That was on a Friday and she went to the hospital to see what was going on. The doctor confirmed the bad news and scheduled a D&C for the following Monday. Why not immediately? It was a Friday afternoon and he wanted to go home. So my mom cried and prayed all weekend.

The next weekday, my mother returned to the hospital. The staff was preparing for the removal, but abruptly stopped when they detected a heartbeat. Instead of my life ending that day, a surgery was performed to assist my mom in carrying me as long as possible. She was warned that I still may not make it. She was told that if I did make it I would likely be deformed or experience mental challenges. She was placed on bed rest the remainder of her pregnancy. She prayed for me.

I was born five weeks premature because my mother walked up a few stairs to use the restroom inside the house, rather than pull my dad from a volleyball game on his birthday. Once I was birthed, I was rushed out of the room to an incubator. About a week later, my parents brought me home. Technically, I’m normal. You can use your own judgment on that though. I don’t mind.

A heartbeat is one of several confirmations of life, but life begins prior to the unique heartbeat. Abortion = murder. Yes, it’s personal.

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