The Spirit of the Age

Critical theory (CT) is the philosophy motivating most all of the BLM and Antifa upheavals. It is drawing some Christians into its orbit as well. CT sees social reality in terms of racial, gender, and economic groups. You are defined by your group or the intersection of your groups (intersectionality). You are either in or out of power, and society is reducible to power relationships. If you are in power, you are privileged and undeserving. If you are out of power, you are underprivileged and entitled. Those in power are automatically discredited in their discourse because of their status as privileged. Those out of power are automatically legitimated in their discourse. The views of the underprivileged are immune from criticism and are unfalsifiable because the privileged suffer from false consciousness. The underprivileged make demands, they need not make arguments. They are above the law since the law is the product of privilege and false consciousness.

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