Do not muzzle the human while it treads

The following post was written by Jeff Durbin to his Facebook timeline. I added a little bit of editing for spacing.

The masks.

The masks have endangered a fundamental aspect of what it means to be human. We can’t behold each other’s uniqueness. We have become colder, less interactive, and distant. Humans were made for fellowship and intimacy. We weren’t made to be muzzled for extended periods of time. We lose the ability to see the smiles and participate together with them. We lose the ability to see the sadness and enter into comfort with it. We have been trained to treat everyone we cross paths with as sickness and disease.

“Stay away!”
“Come no closer!”
“Do not even breathe in my vicinity!”
“Children, walk away around that family! They may be sick!”

We are told that this is all an effort to “love our neighbors.” They even employ the emotion driven tactic of, “What would Jesus do?” That is actually a good question. What would He do?

He wouldn’t lie and pretend He was sick. And He wouldn’t encourage others to do so. He wouldn’t lie and pretend that everyone was sick. And He wouldn’t encourage others to do so.

He wouldn’t hate His neighbors by submitting to tyranny that robs His neighbors of their liberty. He wouldn’t submit to any decrees that destroyed the purpose and order for which He created mankind. He wouldn’t hate his neighbors by lying about the government’s “right” to destroy businesses, property, family savings, and livelihoods over a sickness with an over 99% survival rate.

Jesus, the Creator of humanity, wouldn’t support any decrees that distort the image of God, ruin human relationships, destroy our neighbors lives, and cause incomprehensible damage to our God-ordained face-to-face interaction.

Stop lying about Jesus. Stop tolerating arguments that do. Stop submitting to iniquitous decrees that hate our neighbors. Human beings are not beasts. We weren’t created to be muzzled.

Jeff Durbin wears many hats, and I’ll likely miss one or two here. He is a pastor at Apologia Church, which has as among its ministries Apologia Studios, End Abortion Now, and Red Door Ministry. I suggest you follow him on YouTube as well. Pastors who are willing to stand and speak truth are becoming more rare and I appreciate Pastor Jeff (AKA The Ninja) more and more as time goes on.

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