Starting Another Bible Reading Plan

This blog was founded on me reading the Bible over 365 days and commenting about what I just read. Since then I have read the Bible through before but I haven’t chronicled it on this blog.

Well, that’s not about to change. The plan I started today is a 90 day plan, and there’s simply too much to put into a daily blog post. Creation, Fall, Promise, Noah, Babel, Abram. That’s a lot to shoehorn into one post!

I have completed a 90 day sprint before and I retained much more than expected. If you are looking for a reading plan, I have a few plans and some tips on my Bible Reading Plan page.

Why did I start on a Tuesday in the middle of November? Why not? Do you find yourself with additional time on your hands now that everything fun is either closed or no longer fun? You could start your own project!

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