Gab is the ONLY Free Speech Network

That may be, but GabTV is not poised to replace Rumble, let alone YouTube. At least not yet. Right now Gab is focused on growing and adding in GabPay and the Marketplace. Once that is in place, and local buying and selling is included, video needs to be the next hurdle.

Copyright issues will make this more difficult, so a Parallel Economy will need to take off in that arena also. As long as content creators get paid on YouTube and Rumble they won’t favor GabTV or even give it equal footing. That’s why we need to get the de-platformed and defunded creators and at least ask them to cross publish.

Many of the channels I watched elsewhere had been removed or de-monetized. The content creators who want to make their living by their content have found other avenues, such as sponsors or services like Patreon. That is where I think Gab can make a niche, and the marketplace and GabPay are logical steps in that direction. Paid content may sound onerous, but that is the reality. And free content on GabTV is how you advertise paid content. If the free isn’t good, nobody will pay to see more.

There should be a lot of gun channels available for this. I learned a ton about how to shoot, how to raise my threat awareness without looking like a threat myself, how to clean and maintain a gun, how to administer initial first aid, and how to safely handle firearms. All from YouTube. A majority of those channels are either gone or have changed their content to the point where it is no longer useful.

Religious channels will be in the same boat soon, if they aren’t already. The Gaystapo will see to it and they believe their RainbowJihad is unstoppable. Crash your waves against Christ, the solid rock. Crash all you want, you fools! Jesus wins. Gab can play a role there through something like this.

Conservative speech can be monetized this way also. I pay for a subscription to BlazeTV. There’s no reason I wouldn’t pay to watch a Project Veritas special on GabTV. Even if that special is also available free to the public.

Everybody wants to change the world. But so many don’t want it to cost them anything.

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