The Grief of Knowing

The Grief of Knowing

I’m still coming to terms with just how evil these last two years have been, based on the Project Veritas information among others. It’s like I can’t handle it all at once so I contemplate different aspects at different times. I suppose it is a lot like going through the cycle of grief. You can’t ignore it. You can’t deny it. You truly have to confront it and work through it. Usually more than once.

In order for the emergency use authorization (EUA) for vaccines to be granted there had to be no alternative. No curatives. No other options. That’s why sick people were sent home until things got bad enough to go to the ICU. They were told that there was nothing to be done.

But documents show that our government knew that treatments were available, safe, effective and inexpensive as early as April 2020. These treatments were not only denied at the time but they have also been withheld from us. President Trump famously put through the “Right to Try” so that people dying of a terminal illness might get a last grasp at healing, and the medical community could observe how experimental medicines would work on a willing patient. That didn’t matter when COVID-19 came. There could be no hope offered or allowed in 2020.

How many innocent people died because of this? How many doctors and nurses, TikTok heroes all, knew that their patients were dying while the best treatments were locked in the pharmacy inside the hospital? Yes, they were following protocols in the treatment of their patients. These protocols came down from the federal agencies. Federal agencies that knew specifically which medications would be effective, and so they steered them away and claimed the medications were dangerous.

It’s not just medicine. It’s also a business. Help your patients. Just so long as the check clears.

How many family businesses, hopes and dreams, were crushed under the heel of government overreach based on this lie? How many weddings were altered to meet our experts in their lies? I lost my cousin’s husband, one of my very best friends, in this time and I am grateful the family decided that this funeral would be had under normal conditions. It was a sad day, though filled with a sense of release and relief. How many others were denied this?

Many of us recognized the scam early on. The uncovered documents and whistle blowers from the highest levels of DARPA just remove any shred of plausible misunderstanding. Our griefs and fears are not only confirmed. They are magnified. This was no accident. It was intentional. They meant to steal, kill and destroy. They are filled with lies and they deny the natural order of reality.

In other words, they are of their father, the devil. When you identify your enemy, you are then able to confront his schemes.

Luke 6:40
A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.

This battle will not be won with flesh and blood. Riots and violence will not get us where we want to go, and yet we can’t vote our way out of this. Our battle is against the powers, the principalities. We will fight this spiritual battle and the gospel will lead the way. We don’t have to win the short game, for God has already won the long game. Every enemy will be placed under his feet.

Psalm 110

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