“Legal Fireworks” sung to the tune of “Feels Like the First Time”

Now that the smoke has started to settle, I thought I would share my perspective on fireworks within the state of Iowa. Fireworks have not been legally accessible to Iowans since 1938. My daughter may be surprised, but that’s before I was born! And speaking of my birth, let me share with you that I was born in Missouri, a state that has allowed their residents the freedom to purchase and shoot off fireworks for as long as I know. I suppose that birthright and my upbringing in a rural area have combined into a scoffing at Iowa laws for most of my life. I have family living near Kansas City and frequent visits there marked my childhood. And with those visits, there were numerous stops at the fireworks retailers,…
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Getting the 4th off, but not the 5th???

Airing of Grievances
I know that I haven't exactly been faithful to my resolution for 2017, that being my desire to complain more. Well that changes right now, at least for one post. You see, I had to go to work today. On July the 5th. But I got all day off yesterday so I could... run errands. I'm not complaining about running errands mind you. I'm complaining about getting an illogical day off. Sure, Independence Day is a great day to remember my country's OG Brexit event. And to do so I could go to a local carnival. But let's get real. The municipal fireworks are the real main event of the national holiday and they don't happen during my 9-5 job. They start at least four hours after I would normally…
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