Uh… Jocko?

Call it a hunch, but I bet Jocko here has just as much reliable intel about the current situation in Ukraine as I do. Perhaps he understands the people involved better, but some of the insinuations that have come up are ones he likely is just as surprised by as I am.

US-funded labs in Ukraine? That’s not something we do, right? And if we did, it would be done ethically, right? It would be handled responsibly and we would be transparent immediately if anything went badly, right? There’s no reason to be concerned about such labs in close proximity to your borders, right?

Besides, the west isn’t really guided by the US, is it? And the US isn’t actively proselytizing for perversion wherever it goes. Of course not! We don’t raise gay flags at our embassies all over the world. We don’t introduce the hero George Floyd to people in other nations. Nope, not even once! We don’t name our ships of war after pedophiles either, just like we don’t hand out awards to the filmmakers who celebrate their struggle to live according to their sin. That’s not who we are!

The leaders of Ukraine are not corrupt. They are as pure as the driven snow! They benefitted greatly from the Biden family and did all that they could to ensure that the dealings were honest and above board. And the US aid to them would never turn into a quid pro Joe. That would be crazy!

The videos and pictures coming across the feeds are all legit and accurate. They are also all current and not from other places around the world or other years. There is no history whatsoever of the media spreading lies to the people. At least not knowingly spreading misinformation! They report things honestly and completely, chasing down every lead and verifying every story from multiple angles. So the things you see are definitely NOT video game simulations or plywood outlines of weapons.

All Warfare Is Based on Deception

Sun Tzu

And in just a few years, the Ukrainians went from a fairly reasonable military force into the most compact band of baddasses the world has ever seen. All militaries should adopt their training methods! And nobody noticed this until just now! We ought to be begging them to join NATO now! To not do so would be suicidal!

But you go on, Jocko, and threaten a nuclear power based on emotion and MSM-driven sentiment. I hate war, but here it is. What happens if any of the things Putin is claiming is verified? What if the bad guy here is truly the US and we are supporting Ukraine in order to cover up our crimes? I’m not saying that is what is going on, for I have no evidence.

And neither do you. So let’s find out.

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